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Pet Drawings and Portraits by Jen

I create professional drawings from one of your favorite photographs of your pet or family member.  Below are a few samples of portraits done in pencil and fine charcoal.  All drawings are done on superior quality Italian Fabriano paper so that they will last a lifetime.  Pencil and fine charcoal allow for an incredible level of detail in fur and expression.  Depending on the portrait, it may be done on black paper with china white charcoal in order to allow for more detail and contrast. Click on the montage drawings below to view larger images and detail.

If you are interested in having a drawing done please e-mail Jennifer for information on pricing and details.
Click on each drawing below to see a more detailed image.

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   Trek and Gage Portrait Drawing
Tank - American Bulldog
Pencil Sketch 8x10
Trek - Labrador Retriever
Gage - Australian Shepherd
Charcoal/Pencil Sketch 10 x 12
Aldan - Siberian Husky
Charcoal Sketch 8 x 10

Each drawing commissioned will be posted on the website prior to completion for viewing and final approval.  Your portrait will be sent to you backed with cardboard to ensure safe delivery.  Once you receive your portrait, frame it under glass to preserve for years to come.  If you have questions about a portrait you would like done, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.  I can help you choose pictures, give you tips on taking pictures, as well as decide which medium is best.

Hawkeye - Siberian Husky - charcoal

Little Boy eating blueberries
Pencil Sketch 11 x 14
Hawkeye - Siberian Husky
Charcoal Sketch - 8 x 10
Musher and Siberian Husky Pup
(poor picture - sorry)
White Charcoal -Black Paper 11 x 14
Rudy - Bichon Frise
White Charcoal on Black - 8x10